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At Dasnagar Alamahan Dass Indor Stadium on 17th & 18th December 2021

All India Seishinkai Shito-Ryu Karate-Do Federation (AISSKF), under the able guidance of Hanshi Premjit Sen, organized the 19th All India Inter School & Senior Karate – Do Championship “Federation Cup” at the Dasnagar Alamahan Dass Indor Stadium (Howrah) on 17th & 18th December 2021.

Around 15 states from all over India with around 1500 boys and girls, between the age group of 6 years to 18 years took part in this two-day extravaganza. More than 100 qualified Referees & Judges conducted the 74 categories, which was contested in the two days.

On the 17th December 2021, the various Cadet, Junior, Senior, Team and Weapon Demonstration Categories were conducted, where all the participants showed their skill and prowess in the various categories of Kata and Kumite. Mr. Arup Roy (Hon’ble Cooperation Minister, Government of West Bengal) graced the occasion as a Guest and inspired the participants and congratulated all the winners of the event.

Mr. Swapan Banerjee (President, Bengal Olympic Association) inaugurated the event as the Chief Guest and applauded the efforts of Hanshi Premjit Sen, who is doing his utmost best by popularizing the art of Karate Do. Mr. Banerjee said that in order to develop Karate in the state of West Bengal, he will always stand beside Hanshi Premjit Sen and do whatever is possible for the players and coaches on behalf of Bengal Olympic Association. Mr. Banerjee also said that by becoming the only Bengali to achieve the rank of Grade – A Referee & Judge of World Karate Federation, Hanshi Premjit Sen has made Bengal proud at the international arena.

In the grand opening ceremony, a Dance performance was shown which was followed by the scintillating Hapkido Demonstration performed by the students. The audience were all awe-struck after seeing the various grappling techniques demonstrated by the South Korean form of Martial Arts. Master Premjit Sen is the President of the Hapkido Federation of India and is doing a wonderful job by spreading this art in more than 20 states of India, along with Karate.

The Sub-Junior events were conducted on 18th December 2021, with a packed stadium. The Covid19 protocols were followed and there was timely sanitization of the stadium. The Tournament ended with various felicitation ceremony and an inspiring closing speech by Hanshi Premjit Sen.

“Our Association has produced various national and international level players who have competed in the South Asian Karate Championship, Commonwealth Karate Championship, Asian Karate Federation Championships and even the World Karate Championships. We don’t speak, our performances speak. I thank all the parents and the state delegates who have shown faith on us and helped us in making this event a grand success,” said Hanshi Premjit Sen.

All India Seishinkai Shito-Ryu Karate-Do Federation (AISSKF) is an affiliate of Karate Do Association of Bengal (KAB), which is the only authentic Karate Association in the state of Bengal duly affiliated to Bengal Olympic Association (BOA) and Karate India Organisation (KIO).