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Players of Karate Do Association of Bengal (KAB) participated at the “All India Karate Do Championship 2022” which was held at the Balewadi Sports Complex in Pune (Maharashtra) from 16th to 19th June 2022.

This event was organized by Karate India Organisation (KIO) the only official and authentic Karate Association in India, which is a permanent member of World Karate Federation (WKF), Asian Karate Do Federation (AKF), South Asian Karate Do Federation (SAKF) and Commonwealth Karate Do Federation (CKF). WKF is a member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

KAB is a member of KIO and Bengal Olympic Association (BOA) and is led by its President, Hanshi Premjit Sen and General Secretary, Kyoshi Joydeb Mondal. KAB has gained immense popularity under their able leadership, not just in Bengal but in India as they do not leave a single stone unturned when it comes for karate. Mr. Sen  has proved to be the finest leader of modern era who is looked upon karatekas all across the world. Bringing new changes and adopting new measures for the betterment of the players in West Bengal is his motto in life and he is putting his heart and soul into it. Under his leadership karate has flourished in remarkable speed in Bengal and in no time he has become a name in each house when karate is the point of discussion. Loved by youngsters and blessed by all, with his friendly approach, and with the help of his best friend and General Secretary, Mr. Mondal, he has been able to bind all the different styles of karate in one thread in KAB, so firmly that they all work together under his able guidance for betterment of their sport. Mr. Mondal has been the strongest support always and has stood by him at all times. All his decisions and plans have been consented and whole heartedly executed in the finest way by Mr. Mondal due to which they both share a beautiful bond between them that may be envied by many. A blend of 2 masters who compliment each other in a very unique way, so much that since years they have been happily elected again and again as President and General  Secretary  by their Association.

Representing West Bengal, 48 players competed in 53 categories and won 2 Gold, 3 Silver and 9 Bronze Medals overall in the prestigious Championship. The names of the Medal winners are mentioned below:-

1SOUMILI ROYCadet Female Kumite -54kgsGold
2TANUSHKA GHOSHCadet Female Kumite -54kgsGold
3RUPKATHA DUTTJunior Female KataSilver
4BIKRAM PRAJAPATIUnder 21yrs Male KataSilver
5RANADEEP SARKARUnder 21yrs Male Kumite -55kgsSilver
6AYUSHMAN ROYCadet Male KataBronze
7AYUSHMAN ROYCadet Male Kumite -45kgsBronze
8SAMRAT MUKHERJEEJunior Male KataBronze
9DEBANJALI KARMAKARUnder 21yrs Female KataBronze
10DEBANJALI KARMAKARSenior Female KataBronze
11MALLIKA BHATTACHARJEEUnder 21yrs Female Kumite -61kgsBronze
12RIZONG TAMANGSenior Male KataBronze
14SOMA DAS, PUTUL KUMARI & ISHITA BARIKSenior Female Team KataBronze

Shihan Subhas Mitra and Sensei Tanmay Mondal were the Team Coach, whereas, Sensei Prasenjit Das was appointed as the Team Manager of the Bengal Team.

Sensei Bappaditya Nandy, Sensei Tarak Nath Sardar, Sensei Jayanta Kumar Karmakar, Sensei Subir Mazumder, Sensei Manoj Prasad and Sensei Dipak Kumar Shaw were the Referees & Judges who represented Bengal in this Championship.

Earlier KAB provided Sponsorship to all the 48 Players (Rs. 4000/- & Rs. 5000/- for one and two events respectively) and 2 Team Coaches & 1 Team Manager (Rs. 7000/- each)  as proposed and confirmed by the President of the Association, Mr. Sen and General Secretary, Mr. Mondal.

To conclude about the event, the efforts put in by each and every players were truly commendable, keeping in mind that everyone came out through a bad phase of Covid19 for the past two years. Also, participation in such a platform itself is a matter of pride as they all went through various steps of selection to reach to that arena to perform. With further efforts of the players, we are confident that they will perform better in the times to come and make our Bengal prouder.