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Hapkido Federation of India (HFI) has successfully conducted the National Referee Seminar & Examination at Garhwal Bhawan, New Delhi, on 26th March 2022.

Hapkido is a Korean form of martial art. Apart from being a combat sport it forms a complete life system, including meditation, breathing while training, pressure points and a complete self defence system. It is now considered as the future of Indian martial arts.

We are going through a fast lifestyle with lots of work pressure, and even children are also getting engaged very badly and changing their basic nature.

There is no age bar in Hapkido, so anybody can join and learn the new lifestyle skills. It is a complete package of wellness which includes physical and mental fitness that helps to survive the modern lifestyle.

Mr. Premjit Sen, President of HFI said that “The main moto of HFI is to represent a corruption and politics free sports organisation, where only the player’s interest is the last word.”

Mr Sen also stated that “what we say, we actually mean it, and in future it will be proved. In HFI, there is no back door to get success.”

The Chief Guest of the programme, Mrs. Chaya Adak, (Arjun Awardee, Asian Games, World medalist and Asst.Commandant CISF), said that, “In every combat sport it’s a demand of time to form a transparent and corruption free administrative body and in this purpose Mr Premjit Sen is doing a great job in the field of Hapkido.”

Other dignitaries included, Advocate HarshPriya Singh (Vice President HFI), Mr. Madan Kumar (President – Hapkido Martial Art Association of Delhi), Dr. Shweta Singh (President – Delhi Homeopathy Medical Association and Ms.Arti Luthra member of Hapkido Martial Art Association of Delhi.

A mesmerising Hapkido demonstration was performed by team West Bengal where they demonstrated the different part of Hapkido practice, such as the self defence system, meditation, breathing system, the martial art forms and sport sparring also.

The whole training session was successfully conducted by Mr. Vinod Vats, Chairman, and Mr. Jeet Bahadur, Secretary – Referee Commission, HFI.

A cheque of 26,100/- was presented to the Referee Commission Chairman and Secretary on behalf of HFI for their hard work.

The federation also felicitated Mr Indranil Das and Mr.Tanmoy Dutta, National Coach of HFI with a memento.

All 180 qualified participants had been rewarded with Badges and Referee Ties and were also felicitated by memento on behalf of HFI.

The President, Mr Sen, asked all the players to get ready for the state and national championship, which will be organised very soon this year and there will not be any participation fees for the players. One complete set (red and blue) of guards will be provided free of cost on behalf of the federation to all the fifteen member states.

If the COVID does not strike again, then Asian and World Championship will also be held as well.