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JKA Technical Director KATSUTOSHI SHIINA Shihan Visited India to Conduct Karate Seminar on JKAWF INDIA 7th National Camp.

JKAWF INDIA hosted its big event after almost two and half year of Covid-19 related restrictions. It’s expected that the event will be a big hit being this one would be conducted by very popular Shiina Sensei after a long interval. This time the JKAWF INDIA leadership had decided to take Shiina Sensei at the remote districts of the state of West Bengal where JKA karate gained immense popularity in recent times. The plan turned to be very successful serving the purpose of reaching out the suburban’s students and parents passing them on the teachings, culture, tradition and benefits of the JKA Karate-Do from none other than the Technical Director of the JKA himself.

After Kolkata Session

The said seminar was attended by 870 students along with Instrcutors from various state. hiina Sensei took the group through various ‘sonaba kihon’ and ‘ido kihon’ followed by Kata Heian Shodan – Godan, Tekki Shodan, and Bassai-Dai and concluded with rigorous repetition of Gohon Kumite and Jiyu Kumite.

On MAY 22 was the last day and the most tensed day for all as it’s the day for JKA Dan Tests and License Examinations.There were 64 Dan and 13 License examinees in line prepared for their names to be called. The examinations continued from 2pm to 5pm under the watchful eyes of Shiina Sensei.