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Premjit eyes CM’s Dream

Mr. Premjit Sen with Shri Swapan Banerjee, President of Bengal Olympic Association

Chief Minister of West Bengal – Mamata Banerjee recently announced that all the girls who are into the martial art will be taken up for the post of West Bengal Police Service .
Premjit Sen, a well-known face of Karate globally has trained thousands of women as a Martial Art exponent. Many of them are well settled in their career . Self-defense is what is targeted by Premjit sen and for that, he has trained many women free of cost.

Every year Seishinkai Shito -Ryu Karate-Do Federation organizes Black Belt Examination. This year around 1000 Karatekas joined the Examination ceremony and a huge response was received . Among the 1000 participants who came with a dream of getting a black belt among them, 600 were female. The students were from different parts of West Bengal. To grace this occasion Shri Swapan Banerjee respected president of Bengal Olympic Association who is also the chief advisor of the federation and Shri Sujit Bose , Minister of Fire and Emergency services is also the Honorary black belt holder of our federation were present during the ceremony.

Premjit Sen is currently President of the Karate Association of Bengal and Chief Technical Director of Seishinkai Shito -Ryu Karate-Do Federation. After two years of lockdown and home arrest the Federation is finally back with the offline activities humongous response from the students .

After rigorous training of session 2002 – to 2017 from renowned masters all across the world, Premjit Sen formed a Global Seishinkai Shito Ryu Karate do Federation in the presence of many well-known Delegates, and Presidents of different National Bodies .
This Federation was severely acknowledged by the renowned karate masters and figures all across the globe.
At the event, there was a huge crowd and Premjit Sen was applauded in the global session and praised a lot for his work, and congratulated for his global cadets. His works are commendable and applauds were well proven by this time.

In 2022, a new committee was formed which recognises Hanshi Premjit Sen as the President, Hanshi Nasrollah Kakavand as the Chief Technical Director , Hanshi Morad Hasel as the Deputy Technical Director, Sensie Rashad Khan as the Vice President , Sensie M Timucin Karahan as the General Secretary , Sensie Bokul Hossain Sensie Sandro Martinez Alvarado and Sensie Sunil Nakarmi as the Joint Secretary. The only motto of this Federation is to promote authentic karate among the Martial art enthusiasts across the globe .

Premjit Sen told “ Kicks and Punches is the only way to protect oneself from Eve teasing and I am proud that I have trained countless women across the country this art. “