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Representatives from 90 nations join hands to revive the Modern Pythian Games organized by Delphic India Trust

New Delhi 29 September:

•  The first Pythian Games will be held in 2027, the Junior Pythian Games in 2025, and the Para Pythian Games in 2024.

•  Beginning of a new era and opportunities for artists, players, tourists, and national economies – Bijender Goel.

It is a historic day for the Modern Pythian Games when Royal Majesties, Ambassadors, entrepreneurs, cultural organizations, and artisans from more than 90 countries came together to form the International Pythian Council and join the revival of the Delphi idea of ‘Modern Pythian Games’ in front of the world’s media today at the Hotel Le Meridian in New Delhi.
Mr. Bijender Goel, is the founder of Delphic India trust and International Pythian council that holds the intellectual property rights for the ‘Modern Pythian Games’. He conceptualised the idea of Pythian games, addressed the press conference and briefed them on the concept of this game. He said that the Pythian Games had been part of the Pan Hellenic Games in ancient Greece since 582 B.C. and were ranked second in importance behind the Olympics before the discontinuation of all Pan Hellenic games in 394 A.D.
The Modern Pythian Games shall be held every four year and provide new hope with its multilevel structure, help national economies, promote tourism, and create jobs for artisans and stakeholders. These games will serve as a single global platform for the vibrant exchange of arts, culture, traditional, adventure, entertainment, games, e-sports, air sports, and martial arts. These games will be an important way to bring people from different countries together through cultural diplomacy. This will also be a big step toward making the 800-billion-euro creative industry a more organised sector.
“The sentiments for artisans are transforming into a global movement to support artisans” as quoted by Hon’ble PM, Shri Narendra Modi, in his recent speech ‘MANN KI BAAT’.
Mr. Panos Kaltsis, President, IPC; Nadia Harihiri, France,HM Benny AHMED SAMU SAMU, Indonesia; MUDARASULAIL KARIM, Philippines; Ms. Zoie Lafis, USA; Lena Kyropoulus, Greece; Saia Tsaousidou, President, Association of European Journalists; Isilida Nunes , Portugal; MR Orhan Gajlus, Netherlands; and Mrs. Houda, Morocco; Mr. Ramchandru Tejavath; Mr. Sanjay Srivastava; Mr. B.H. Anilkumar; and Mr. Jose Charles Martin, Managing Director, M and C Group of Companies, Coimbatore also spoke of their support for the modern Pythian Games.