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A report in 1st JKA WF Bangladesh National Council – Sports247live


To strengthen the relationship between branches all over the country of JKA WF Bangladesh, a council of branch heads was held on 27th September 2019 at JKA WF Bangladesh headquarter in Chittagong city. The council was attended by 27 branch instructors from 4 different regions of Bangladesh. Also, it was attended by senior officials of regional sports authority, Vice-president and EC member of Bangladesh Karate Federation successively Mr Shahjada Alan and Mr Humayun Kabir Jewel It was also attended by the honourable Mayor of Chittagong City Mr.A.J.M Nasir Uddin. 

The council began with showing respect to the national anthem of Bangladesh followed by a video presentation on Japan Karate Association Hombu. The further one-hour presentation was given on the objective and mission of JKA and the value of JKA karate, in particular, the essence of Kihon, Kata and Kumite as set by JKA Hombu. 

The council decided to finalise the official branch list and their representatives to update the JKA Hombu website. It agreed to host the upcoming Gassoku on 2020 under Shiina Sensei in both Chittagong and Dhaka city as an important roadshow of JKA karate in Bangladesh. It is agreed to elect 3 regional directors and 1 executive director for next 1 year. A new interactive website of JKA WF Bangladesh will soon be inaugurated to ease communication between branches located in distant cities. It is also decided to hold regional Kyu tests centrally under JKA WF Bangladesh’s neutral examiners licenced by JKA HQ. The council agreed to stage JKA WF Bangladesh National Championship by July 2020 in Chittagong. 

The council will hold it’s next meeting again on 19th October 2020