Sports News

Becoming a Black Belt — whether it was a month ago or a decade ago it is an achievement to be proud of. The years, the sweat, the blood — that was not given to earn a belt, it was given in the service of becoming something more than one was.

Sresthadeep Biswas of Class 10 C of Southcity International School, is a biggest example of such kind. He was promoted to 1st Dan Black Belt on 22nd Janurary, 2021 at Hotel Stadel. The event was organized by All India Seishinkai Shito-Ryo Karate Do Federation. Despite of the unprecedented challenges due to the circumstances of the pandemic he managed to continue his endless hardwork and dedication. During his journey he was continuously encouraged and guided by Mr. John Andrew Bagul, Principal of Southcity International School. Mr. Bagul had always been appreciated for his leadership and positive attitude towards inspiring the students to achieve their dreams every single day. He strongly believes that not only academics but sports are equally important for an overall development of a child.
His vision, wisdom and passion for this school and his students are really commendable. His teachers, under his able guidance are doing a commendable job in nurturing the students, even in this critical situation. He has been the backbone behind the success story of Southcity International School. His innovative ideas and motivating attitude had always helped his students and his staff to give their very best. Sresthadeep’s success story would be incomplete if one misses few more names, Hanshi Premjit Sen, President of Karate-Do Association of Bengal, Referee & Judge, World Karate Federation. He believes that Karate not only helps in enhancing the physical fitness of an individual but also prepares them to face any kind of atrocious situations. Keeping this thought in mind Sresthodeep got full guidance and encouragement from his Sensei Biswajit Sardar and Sensei Koushik Basak. He continued to get enormous support and vigorous training from Sensei Biswajit Sardar and Sensei Koushik Basak even through online sessions.

Wishing Sreshthadeep all the very best for his future endeavours.