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On the auspicious day of Netaji’s birthday, today, 23rd January’20, a grand event was organized successfully in City Centre’s Royal Bengal Room. It was Seishinkai’s Black Belt exam where over 750 aspiring karatekas of all age groups including over 300 female candidates showcased their talent and after strenuous 4hour, proudly took their black belts home after successfully completing and passing in their exam.

All India Seishinkai Shito Ryu Karate-Do Federation is headed by Hanshi Premjit Sen who is 8th Dan Black Belt, Coach Referee and Judge World Karate Federation, Under his guidance, more than 20000 karatekas have qualified this exam and he has been successful in educating about karate and self-defense to innumerable people across the country. He has branches in 16 states in India and abroad.
Hanshi has not only trained innumerable citizens of India by imparting and sharing his immense knowledge, but he has also provided job opportunities to many through karate. He has taken all measures to promote karate and reach maximum people in our country, especially West Bengal so that they understand the importance of knowing self-defense in today’s time.