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1st day of January, 2020, Martial Arts’ world witness the newly elected body of WORLD of Martial Art’s in the name of ‘Global Martial Arts’ Federation (GMAF)’.

It will have its Headquarter in Ishikawa, Japan and its first secretariat in Kolkata, India.
Global Martial Arts’ Federation is formed under the leadership of very senior Japanese masters in collaboration with enthusiast martial artists from countries of every continent. As the existing International Martial Arts

Organizations are either pure style federations or multi-style groups which accept only one federation per country, therefore, many federations and associations are left outside of the International martial arts arena. In Global Martial Arts Federation we can share Japanese Budo culture, professionally, to those independent practitioner groups without limiting anyone’s opportunity of growth.

GMAF will offer an important option for such groups in which all the different styles and federations can join this world body and fraternity, without having to compromise their style or size. In order to ensure that there are opportunities for all, GMAF, unlike other federations, will accept more than one federation or association per country.

It can be summarised that GMAF is formed to provide opportunity to martial arts practitioners’ all over the world, display their athletic skill in their respective art not limited by one country one federation policy. It will also provide a platform for the members around the world to build friendship, understand the cultural diversity and thus appreciate it. This is family of all races, cultures and religion.

We welcome martial arts’ practitioners all over the world to join hand together in GMAF and get affiliated to explore bounty of opportunity to learn from world class masters, directly, and show their talent at the world stage without any fear of restricted opportunity.