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Say No to Eve teasing Kick and Punch is the answer for Eve teaser -Hanshi Premjit Sen|Sports News |sports247live

Hello people, This is Sports 247 Live, which is one of the most updated channels regarding the current affairs, especially sports. Today I went to Hanshi Premjit Sen’s Karate Academy which is one of the most biggest Karate Academy of India which has produced many WKF medalists, Commonwealth Champions, SouthAsian Champions, National Champions over decades.
When I entered the practice area, I was shocked by seeing their hard work and dedication they have towards their game.
All the little kids practicing over there under the guidance of their Guru, Hanshi Premjit Sen concluded that they all are in such position or are on the way just because of their mentor, Hanshi Premjit Sen.
A Short Interview of Hanshi Premjit Sen:
He said that Markets, Malls, Clubs, Offices doesn’t matter where you are, fully covered, wearing a dress, shorts or a Burkha doesn’t really matter what are you wearing. Illiterate Men, Desperate Old Uncles, Educated Youngsters you never know who the perpetrator is. Eve Teasing is something that the women live with day in and day out. The graph of the country itself shows that in what rate such crimes are increasing in our country. Many cheap words are often heard in public areas to degrade women. The women often ignore the eve-teasers because they don’t want to create a scene, but its high time the women of our country should speak up or else the eve-teasers create a mentality of repeating crimes such as eve teasings because they are not properly punishable for the deeds they do. He also said that Karate doesn’t only give particular self-defense but also employment. They are so many instructors under this Global Seishinkai Family which are even spreading throughout the world day by day and gaining a huge success as a team.
I, Hanshi Premjit Sen, I am creating many Maa Durga in my academy for decades. Not only kids but people of all ages can be found in my academy. I, personally believe that Candle Marches won’t really help as much as a kick or a punch would.
Just like the way Ram used his bows and arrows for defeating the devil, like that the women of our country also need to stand up for themselves rather than seeking for help and give the demons a perfect answer rather than ignoring it or escaping from it.
Today I met with many little champions who are confident enough to handle any situation regarding eve teasings because Hanshi Premjit Sen never tells not to take the route where the youngsters uses abusive words to degrade the women rather he always suggests to take that route but make sure you are being able to break the bones of those fellows.
Let’s see what Ena Das of class 10 from Delhi Public School, Newtown says; Hello myself Ena Das. I am learning Karate from the age of 10. I always had an urge for learning Karate and also a keen interest in gaining strength among the others to be able to defeat the beasts of the generation. Gender Discrimination is an enormous problem not only within India but worldwide. Our country’s patriarchal norms have discriminated against women and imposed secondary status which usually starts from the adolescent age. So, it is my personal opinion that each and every girl should take Karate lessons to give a proper answer to the eve-teasers with a powerful punch and a kick.

That’s what Ena concluded and it is quite true that the women are discriminated which creates such means of crime.
Now let’s see what Rishika Patra of class 8 from the Apeejay School says; Hello I am Rishika Patra and I am learning Karate since I was 3.I gradually had an interest for learning Karate as my father was a sportsperson too, and my parents already alerted me that I need to be strong enough if ever I need to face such situations because my parents won’t be always there to protect me during the hard times. As we all know the current affairs of our country I think everyone should defend themselves abs shouldn’t be scared about what is happening outside.
Now, this is what Rishika concluded which clearly stated the main motive of learning Karate.

Now let’s see what Shirin Sultana of class 9 from Grace Ling Laing English School says; Hello I am Shirin Sultana, I am learning Karate since the age of 8. Karate taught me how to be strong enough and it made me know that I can actually defend myself. It didn’t only teach me self defense but also keeps my knowledge power high. While being on a street, we can’t always find guidance along with us. So, we need to be prepared always. And this is what Shirin concluded.
Now let’s see what Debanjali Karmakar of class 12 from Mahajati Balika Vidyamandir says; Hello I am Debanjali Karmakar, I am learning Karate since I was 15. I am not scared of anyone as I know how to protect myself. As we all know that the girl child is the most wonderful creation of the god but we are not safe in this cruel world because no one is there to protect ourselves from the beasts of the cheap society. So, the girls now need to wake up and give some tight punches and kicks in the faces of all the eve-teasers. This is what Debanjali concluded.