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Special GB of Manipur Amateur Karate-Do Association successfully held |karate News|Sports247live

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The Manipur Amateur Karate-Do Association ( MAKA ) have successfully conducted its Special GB cum Election at the Conference Hall of the Manipur Olympic Association on the 18th of August 2019 in which the following members are unanimously elected as an office-bearer for the next term:

  1. President: Hanshi KIRANKUMAR THANGJAM
  2. Vice President: Shihan Y. CHAOBA MEITEI
  3. General Secretary: Sensei RK. LANSANA SINGH
  4. Treasurer: L. RAJEN SINGH
  5. Jt. Secretary (Info.& Public Relation): Shihan MUTUM BANKIM SINGH
  6. Jt. Secretary (Organisation): Dr. MOIRANGTHEM IBOMCHA SINGH
  7. Jt. Secretary (Women): Sensei LEIMAJAM HEMAMANI DEVI
    Shri Y. Bony Singh, DYASO Imphal East was the Returning Officer (RO) with Shri Y.
    Inaobi Singh, Inspector Co.Opt. Registrar Dept. was the Observer from the Registrar. On the other hand, Shri L. Shantakeshore Singh, Jt. Secretary M.O.A. was the Observer from the Manipur Olympic Association.