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The Federation World Karate (WKF) has confirmed that its junior and sub-21 2019 Cadet Championship will take place as planned – Sports247live


The Federation World Karate (WKF) has confirmed that its junior and sub-21 2019 Cadet Championship in the capital of Chile, Santiago, will take place as planned, despite the current social disorders in the host country.

It is produced after the Chilean authorities have provided guarantees on the conditions for the normal progress of the event, which will take place from Wednesday (October 23) to Sunday (October 27th).

The Federation of Chile Karate, which is said to be in constant communication with the main sports authorities of the South American Nation, has received the official confirmation from the Chilean government that the safety of participants and staff was guaranteed.

“the well-being of all members of the karate family participating in the cadet, junior and sub-21 world championship in Santiago is our main concern”, said WKF President Antonio Espinós.

“since the Chilean government has made it clear that the event could be carried out as planned, we will continue with the early celebration of sport for minors which is our world Cadet Championship, junior and sub-21”.

Action in the 2019 WKF Cadet, junior and sub-21 championship will start this week © WKF

The Chilean government declared the state of emergency in the parts of Santiago on Saturday (October 19) after riots took place in the city.

Violent demonstrations started last week with an increase in metro rates now suspended and have now been expanded to reflect anger for living costs and inequality.

The number of dead is at least seven, with five people who died after looters burned a clothing factory near Santiago.

The Army and police used tear gas and water guns against protesters, and the fire was imposed in the main cities.

The State of emergency has spread in the cities of northern and southern Chile.