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In a splendid display of superior skills New Delhi witnessed an exceptional World Karate Federation competition rules seminar, which is conducted by Mr. JAVIER Escalante, he is the referee commission chairman of WKF (WORLD KARATE FEDERATION) and Mr. J. Selimi, RC member of WKF and AKF.

This event took place on 8th August at hotel Jaypee Siddharth, New Delhi,
Mr. Bharat Sharma President South Asian Karate Federation took the initiative and arrange everything and made a new era for karate in India.

The inauguration was started at around 9 am. This event hosted by Mr.Premjit Sen Treasurer and Chairman R.C Karate Association of India.
The chief guest Mr. Javier Escalante and Mr. J. Selimi welcomed by Mr. Premjit Sen along with different Executive and Referee commission members of the karate association of India, Mr. Rajnesh Choudhary RC Member MRS. Shaheen Ansari Member of referee commission vice president Mr Viraf vatcha and Mr. Suraj Caculo joint secretary of karate association of India.

This is the beginning for this generation to showcase their potentials their skills and as of now karate is going to be a part of Olympic games, these will prove to be helpful and needful.