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17th Kolkata District Selection 2019 | India Karate News |Sports247live

Under the guidance of HANSHI PREMJIT SEN, President of KAB & KYOSHI JOYDEB MONDAL, General Secretary of KAB Sports Karate Association of Kolkata District successfully completed the 17th Kolkata District Selection 2019 on 24th November 2019 at PATIPUKUR SWAMIJI SANGHA.

Invited guests are MR SUJIT BOSE, (Hon’ble Minister of Fire and Emergency Service, Govt. of West Bengal), MR NANDADULAL GHOSH, (Hon’ble IC – Lake Town PS), MR BHUPESH RANJAN DAS, (Senior Lawyer – High Court, Kolkata & President – Swamiji Sangha). There were 2 AKF & 35 National Referee & Judge to conduct this mega event of almost 250 players. To goal of this Championship to select the best players from whole Kolkata District and move them forward for the state selection for National Championship 2020. The Championship coordinated by MR RUDRA PRASAD BANERJEE (General Secretary – Kolkata District), MR PRASENJIT DAS (Administrative Secretary – Kolkata District) & all the members of Kolkata District