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Kumite Seminar by Hanshi Premjit Sen at Mysore |India Karate News|Sports247live


Hanshi Premjit Sen has successfully completed one day Kumite Seminar at Mysore where more than 500 players had participated.
Hanshi Premjit Sen had shared with the students the modern WKF
techniques to fight with the International level players.

Hanshi Premjit Sen’s teaching was really very helpful as it helped the students get a better understanding of the opponent’s next move and also to attain speed during Kumite.
The event was organised by Sensei Sudhakar Gowda chief of International Shito Ryu Karate-Do Association of Karanataka.
Shihan Altaf Pasha and Shihan Keerti G Chairman and General Secretary of Karanataka karate and Sports Association was present on this occasion