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JKAWF INDIA HOOGHLY has concluded the 1st HOOGHLY DISTRICT JKA KARATE CHAMPIONSHIP 2022 at Sahaganj Bayam Samiti, Sahaganj, Bandel on Sunday 28th August with 96 selected contestants from the JKAWF INDIA branch dojo of the district that have seen competing in the event. This was the first JKA championship in the country since the Covid-19 pandemic.

The event was inaugurated by Shi Asit Majumdar MLA Chinsurah Constituency, Gouri Kanta Mukherjee Ex Chairman of the Hooghly Chinsirah Municipality, Ranjan Raha the local Ward Councilor, Sarit Ranjan Dey President and Shyama Prasad Singha General Secretary of the Sahaganj Bayam Samity Club. Senior karate instructors Pradeep Sharma, Gokul Chandra Dutta, Srish Kumar De, Arindam Sikdar, Dibyendu Mandal, Sanjay Biswas, Manoj Saha, Tarun Poddar, Sattasundar Sadhukhan were also in attendance as Judges of the event. Association Instructors from neighbouring districts Sk. Ismile, Subhankar Mohanta, Chandan Sarkar and Biplab Ghosh Sensei were present as guests.

Contestants were given the opportunity to compete in the three events e.g. Kihon Individual, Kata Individual and Kumite Individual. These three events were further divided in to Age and Rank Categories. The overall championship was conducted under the JKA Rules of Competition. In each category medals were given to the first place, second place and joint third place winners only.

The JKAWF INDIA congratulates all the medal winners and thank the sponsors, association instructors, parents, supportes of the organisation, judges and table officials for their sincere work and print and electronic media for coverage and supporting.

We look forward to have more JKA championships from now on in the districts and states of India with a big national level meet in the year 2023.

Here are a few snaps of the event.