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A piece of good news for all karate lovers and aspirants | Karate News | Sports247live

Karate, a system of unarmed combat that literally means “empty hand,” is said to have made during the 17th century in the Okinawa prefecture, a chain of islands off the southern coast of Japan. Despite being popular worldwide as a sport after World War II, karate along with four other sports — will be part of the Summer Olympics for the first time in 2020. Fittingly, it makes its Olympic debut in Japan, where karate is celebrated sport and culture.

Thirty-two athletes (16 men and 16 women) will qualify based on their world ranking as of April 6, 2020. We will be competing for the medal in the Olympics 2020. It joins judo, taekwondo, and wrestling as the only Olympics-approved martial arts for 2020 anyway: Karate failed to make the cut for the Paris Olympics in 2024.