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More than 6000 students took part in this mega event. There were cash prizes worth 3 lakh in senior categories.

5th International Karate Championship 2019 was held in Netaji Indoor Stadium from 26th to 28th July’19 where 8 countries took part including Japan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh,  Bhutan, Myanmar, Kuwait, and Iran, The tournament was organized by All India Seishinkai Shito Ryu Karate-Do Federation affiliated to Global Seishinkai Shito Ryu Karate-Do Federation headed by Hanshi Premjit Sen, The Chief Technical Director of Global Seishinkai Shito Ryu Karate-do Federation.

More than 6000 participants across the globe from countries like Sri Lanka, Iran, Bangladesh, Bhutan Nepal, Myanmar and more came down to Kolkata to show their karate skills. The event was covered by various media houses and media channels pan India making it a national and international event. There were cash prizes worth 3 lakh in senior categories.  Delegates from various countries including Japan attended this mega event to motivate all the players.

The event was also attended and blessed by the Mr.Arup Roy Hon’ble Cooperation Minister Govt of West Bengal, Mr.Ajit Banerjee Respected President, Mr.Swapan Banerjee Hon’ble General Secretary Bengal Olympic Association, Mr.Masuyaki Taga His Excellency Consul General of Japan

Mr.Bharat Sharma Respected President South Asian Karate Federation, Mr.Ambedkar Gupta Hon’ble General Secretary Karate Association of India, Tournament was conducted under the Chairmanship of Mr.Rajneesh Choudhry and other WKF.AKF and National Referee and Judges In Team Kumite

Champion – Delhi Lions

Runner up Arunachal fighter Jt.Third –  Bangladesh Banglar Bag, Dabang Haryana

Some moments from the 5th International Karate Championship 2019 Event –

The Reason Behind International karate championship made a history. Day and night hard work of Hanshi Premjit Sen has given karate a new height and new peak, not only in West Bengal but in all over India. This person works 24×7 for karate and only karate. He always says, for him, there is just one slogan in his life, Eat Karate, Sleep Karate, Drink Karate and Breathe Karate. Because of his hard work, there are over 3lakh students practicing karate in West Bengal. He leaves not a single stone unturned for the promotion of karate. He keeps traveling all over the world with only one motto and that is promotion and betterment of karate. Infinite poor children have got the opportunity to learn free and sometimes even participate in tournaments for free with the help of Hanshi as he doesn’t take a step back when it comes to the promotion of an enthusiastic child who is dedicated to putting in hard work in learning karate. He is not only a man of heart, but he is also someone who is deeply sound in techniques as well as administration. He is one man army to be called in short. For decades and decades, his children have been doing outstanding results in the state, national and international tournaments under his guidance, leadership, and supervision. All winners of World Championships, Asian Championship, Commonwealth Championships, etc in the field of karate in West Bengal are produced by him. There is a huge budget involved in organizing such a grand International event in Netaji Indoor Stadium but since last 5 years, even without any financial support from any individual or company, from his own savings, he has managed to conduct the event successfully with a single motive in mind and that is reaching everyone, giving chance to everyone and exposure to all. He has been giving cash awards in these events and every year he has increased the prize money too. hats off to Premjit Sen for his dedication and love for his sport. He not just loves but worships his sport. He is indeed a true leader of Karate.