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A great loss to the SAKF, BKF and karate fraternity

Mr. Humayun Kabir Jewel had left us on his heavenly abode on 26th May.

The name Humayun Kabir Jewel was not only Shotokan Karate-Do also famous in the Worldwide Karate field for Bangladesh Karate-Do as a Karate Ka, Coach, Referee, Judge & Organizer. He was the First Bangladesh National Champion who attended in World Karate Championship, First AKF Certified Referee of Bangladesh, First Bangladeshi Karate Referee who Referring & Judging more uncountable National & International Karate Championship with successfully. Several Styles of Karate Ka from Bangladesh India Nepal Bhutan Sri Lanka and got a chance to Attend International Karate Championship as a Player, Referee, Judge by Him. At present Bangladeshi National Karate Coach of Bangladesh. At present more SHOTOKAN Karate Association, Dojo established and maintain by His Students.

In same time He was General Secretary of Bangladesh Shotokan Karate Federation, General Secretary in Shotokan Style of Bangladesh Martial Arts Confederation, Ex-Vice President, & present Executive Member of Bangladesh Karate Federation, Referee & Judge of Asian Karate Federation, Co-Chairman of Bangladesh Referee Association, Deputy Chairman of South Asian Karate Federation, Chief Coach of Bangladesh Ansar Karate Team, General Secretary & Chief Coach of Jewel Karate Academy, Chief Adviser of SKSA Bangladesh, Country Representative of Shotokan Karate International Federation, Country Representative of World Karate Masters Federation and Proprietor of Jannat Enterprise.

On His certain death from Bangladesh Government Top Level, Bangladesh Karate Federation, Bangladesh Martial Arts Confederation, All Electronic Media, All Social Media, International Karate Federation/Association, More Private Karate Dojo/Association, Martial Arts Dojo/Association, Karate Master’s, Karate Ka’s, Journalists, Friends, and Sports Lovers show their Loves in Words & Images.

May his soul rest in peace.