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All Martial art in one umbrella

National Martial Art Games Federation of India

National Martial Arts Federations of India under one Umbrella

An effort was made by the pioneers of Indian Martial Arts Federations to group up all the Martial Arts Federations of India under one umbrella.

A meeting of Marital Arts Leaders was called at Capital on 7th March, 2021 under the Chairmanship of Mr. Jaiprakash, Mayor of North Delhi and President of Grappling Federation of India with the Banner of National Martial Arts Games Federation of India at Mayor’s House Delhi. World Martial Arts Games Mastership Committee is the pioneer in World Martial Arts Sports Federations working under the patronage of GAISF- IOC. NMGFI is Indian Chapter of WMC Committee.

Leaders from various National Martial Arts Federations and Olympic Movement attended the Summit and addressed the house with energetic and progressive ideas.

Mr. Jaiprakash, President, Grappling Federation of India assured that whatever help needed we will provide for this noble cause.

Mr. Shiv K. Panchal, CEO of the Grappling Federation briefed the house regarding the NMGFI and WMGC and the structure. He elaborated that we had an idea a year ago to club all the MA Federations and today we are here under one roof.

Mr. Suresh Gopi, President Ju-Jitsu Federation of India and DG Sambo Asia informed about the world structure and working of WMC Committee, he called the members that we need to be smart Federations who can be inline to World Level.

Mr. Narender Singh Mor, Joint Secretary, Haryana Olympic Association and Former Director President’s Office Indian Olympic Association informed the house that we tried to club all Federations earlier also with National Martial Arts Committee, he added that I headed that organization as President and we worked hard but there is no Progress in that structure as their Global Organization is not working for the Development of different Martial Arts Federations or Games but they created their own structure which is not suitable for Development of particular Sports and their hierarchy. At that time I left that organization and and myself and Mr. Shiv K Panchal discussed on the future of such Organization. He added that if we want to develop Martial Arts and Martial Arts Federations in India then it the time to become one and collectively we can become big name and structure, we can help each other in every aspect.

During the meeting Dr. SungMin Kang the Director General of World Martial Arts Mastership Committee addressed the house through video conferencing and guided about the structuring and working for future.

The house was addressed by Mr. Premjit Sen, President, Hapkido Federation of India, he added that we are working hard to uplift our own Federations, this collective platform will provide us a bigger arena for the Development of our Sports and by sharing the ideas we can help each other one way or the other.

Mr. Sharif Bapu, President, MMA India, said that in today’s world it is not possible to grow alone we should stand together and fight with odds as one.

The meeting was attended by following Federations and State Organizations Grappling Federation of India, Ju Jitsu Association of India, Hapkido Federation of India, Wako India Kick Boxing Federation,  Muay Thai Federation, Savate Association of India, Tong Ill Moo Do Federation of India, MMA INDIA Federation, Viet Vu Dao Federation of India, Jeet Kune Do Federation of India, Qwan Ki Do Federation of India, Latar Do Federation of India, National TangSooDo Federation of India, Flying Kick Sports Association of India, Hando Federation of India, Indian Nanbudo Federation, Bukido Federation of India, Kung Do Te Federation of India, Kendo India Federation & SPOCHAN INDIA, Haryana State Olympic Association, U.K. Martial Arts Games Committee, U.P. Martial Arts Games Association.

House decided to conduct first National Games in June and a new Governing Body was elected among the members present:-

Honorary Chairman Mr. Janardan Singh Gahlot, Vice President, Indian Olympic Association, Interim Chairman, Mr. Suresh Gopi, President, Mr. Jaiprakash, Sr. Vice President, Mr. Narender Singh Mor, Vice President(s)
Mr. Satish Chaudhary, Mr. Santosh Aggarwal, Mr. Sharif Bapu, Mr. Vivek Goel

Secretary General – Mr. Shiv K Panchal
Joint Secretary(ies) – Mrs. Paramjeet Kaur, Mr. Sriram Chaudhary, Mr. Manoj Panchal, Mr. Satish Joshi, Ms. Shilpi Arora
Treasurer – Mr Premjit Sen
Executive Member – Mr. Vinay Joshi
Chairman – Protocol Commission – Mr. Balwinder Singh

The recognition for National Martial Arts Federations and affiliation for State Martial Arts Associations was opened. A new website of National Martial Arts Games Federation of India is installed.