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Kumite Seminar by Hanshi Premjit Sen at South 24pgs WB

“Mesmerizing” – This is the only word that can define yesterday’s historic moments of the “Kumite Training Seminar” which was conducted by Hanshi Premjit Sen under the auspices of South 24 Parganas District Karate Association.
Around 500 boys and girls of all age group took part in this long awaited event, held after the pandemic.
All the style chiefs and other affiliated members of the District whole-heartedly participated in this knowledge gaining kumite session by the legend of Bengal Karate, Hanshi Premjit Sen.
A special thanks to Shihan Gopal Marjit, Sensei Prakash Thapa, Sensei Amit Balmiki, Sensei Kaushik Basak, Sensei Subir Mazumder, Sensei Dipak Kumar Shaw, Sensei Sibasish Das and other members, who were present yesterday morning.