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Antonio Diaz flies flag for country and Karate at Tokyo 2020 Opening Ceremony

The rescheduled Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 got under way today with a spectacular Opening Ceremony at the new Olympic Stadium in the Japanese capital. Karate was in the spotlight at the Opening Ceremony when legendary Venezuelan karateka Antonio Diaz led his country’s delegation out during the Parade of Nations as flagbearer.

Diaz, an eight-time World and 22-time Continental Champion in Kata, said his role was a double honour: a chance to represent both the country and the sport he loves.

“Even before the start of the flag parade, I was feeling tremendously happy. I was reading all the messages, tweets, and comments on social media of people I have never met but who were thrilled for seeing me there, and because they love karate so much, they could find a little piece of them at that inauguration through me,” said Diaz.

“It was such a different Opening Ceremony! But it was an Opening Ceremony of the Games after all. Flag-bearers are always named on television broadcasts, so in many places, I am sure that people heard that a karateka was walking there,” the Karate Star added.