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Hanshi Premjit Sen, a celebrated name of Karate had organized two days Advance Technical Karate webinar

Hanshi Premjit Sen, a celebrated name of Karate had organized two days Advance Technical Karate webinar, the pandemic had posed a major setback to him as the classes had to shut. Premjit overcame this by starting the online classes that received a huge response from the students .In order to make it more learning he had organized two electrifying Kumite webinars in a week’s gap that injected adrenaline among the students. His Kumite seminar is not only about throwing various punches and kicks but more about developing the strength of the muscles to increase the speed and agility.

Hanshi Premjit,from being an able administrator to a World Champion making coach , he has it all . Premjit Sen is the President of Karate do Association of Bengal , a World referee and RC Chairman of KIO .Hanshi Premjit Sen aims for perfection and to achieve it he believes in rigorous and regular hard work . It is due to his sheer determination, students under seishinkai have bagged numerous medals at National and other International tournaments like WKF , AKF , Asian Games , SAF Games.

Hanshi Premjit sen in his webinar elaborated about the History of Global Seishinkai Shito Ryu Karate Federation,he formed his style Global Seishinkai Shinto-ryu Karate Do Federation in the year 2017 which is trade mark registered .It received worldwide praises from the eminent members and the renowned karatekas.

The webinars included various exercises such as push up in different postures to build the strength in the pecs, triceps and biceps for a efficient punch and squats with inclusion of karate stance for a better kick . It had also included the different ways of attacking the opponent while keeping the defence strong which were as per the new techniques of WKF . The webinar was attended mostly by the senior instructors and medal holders of states such as West Bengal , Assam , Bihar , Jharkhand , Odisha , Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Tamil Nadu , Karnataka , Uttar Pradesh , Delhi and other countries like Bangladesh.

Webiner by Hanshi Premjit Sen
Seminer By Hanshi Premjit Sen