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On the auspicious National Sports Day (29.08.21), Karate Do Association of Bengal (KAB) organised a FIRST AID AND CPR BASIC TRAINING WORKSHOP under the supervision of Dr. Amitava Bose who is a Sr. Faculty – Management & Consultant of Occupational Health Safety & First Aid all FREE OF COST.

The workshop was inaugurated by the President of KAB, Hanshi Premjit Sen. He emphasized that all coaches and officials must have a thorough knowledge of First Aid and CPR. Karate being a combat game, he urged all the participants to gather as much knowledge as possible to be confident enough to encounter any real life situation that may arise in the Tatami. He said that KAB is the only Association in India who has hosted such type of workshop for coaches. He also said that KAB is the only authentic Karate Association in West Bengal which is recognized by Bengal Olympic Association.

The General Secretary of KAB, Kyoshi Joydeb Mondal and Treasurer of KAB, Sensei Manotosh Kar were also present amongst other dignitaries.

It was a very knowledge enhancing workshop where the important aspects of First Aid and CPR was imparted to all the coaches of KAB. A dummy was also used by Dr. Bose, who demonstrated the actual ways and techniques that are to be applied when someone see a patient who needs First Aid or CPR.

First Aid, being and utmost need in today’s world, this workshop not only made the Coaches of KAB aware of its importance, it also made everyone be alert and informed about its uses. In a Kumite match, the sole responsibility of the safety of the players is totally upon the way a Referee reacts when he sees or anticipate an injury. Thus, in case of any injury, a knowledgeable Referee will definitely know the situation well, if he has any knowledge of First Aid and it will help the doctor concerned who will treat the player on the analysis of a Referee. Thus, First Aid knowledge will help in various ways, and these were the things that were discussed elaborately by Dr. Bose in the workshop.

The Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation or CPR demonstration was a very engrossing one as everyone eagerly waited for their turn to do a trial on a dummy. Dr. Amitava Bose, is a very experienced doctor, who has been in this field for over 30 years. His experience to deal with a real life scenario was wonderfully portrayed in the workshop to everyone’s amazement. The equipments shown in the workshop was very unique and new to most of the participants. And these type of things are of utmost importance when we actually need them. Dr. Bose not only displayed the way of giving CPR on an adult body (through a dummy), he also showed the way for the kids also by demonstrating on a kid’s dummy. He also displayed a portray of spine and heart and explained in details its importance through PowerPoint presentations.

This workshop was only possible due to the hard work of the Bengal Tiger and dynamic President of KAB, Hanshi Premjit Sen and General Secretary of KAB, Kyoshi Joydeb Mondal

KAB looks forward to organize more such workshops in the future for the benefit of all the players and coaches of Bengal, in order to make the coaches aware of these unforeseen situations which may arise anywhere.

At the end of the workshop, each participants were awarded with a Participation Certificate.