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Hanshi Premjit Sen has been appointed as the Chairman of the Referee Commission of Karate India Organisation (KIO), the only authentic karate association in India.

KIO is an affiliated member of World Karate Federation (WKF), Asian Karate Do Federation (AKF), South Asian Karate Do Federation (SAKF) and Commonwealth Karate Do Federation (CKF). WKF is an affiliate member of International Olympic Committee (IOC), whereas, AKF is a member of Olympic Council of Asia (OCA).

Hanshi Premjit Sen has been appointed once again at this prestigious post by the Governing body of KIO. Earlier, he held that post for around 6 years and during that period he had produced numerous WKF & AKF level Referees & Judges for India, who had made our country proud. As a result, the Indian players had improved their performances and had been doing well at all the international level official tournaments.

Irrespective of any game, the Referees & Judges set the standard of that particular game, and, Hanshi Premjit Sen had produced some world class international level Referees & Judges by his invaluable experience which he had gathered for years at the international arena.

Hanshi Premjit Sen is the first Bengali to become an A-Grade Referee & Judge of World Karate Federation (WKF) as well as Asian Karate DO Federation (AKF). Moreover, he is also been awarded with the prestigious BRONZE PIN by the WKF for his contribution in the field of Karate Do in the world.

He is also the President of Karate Do Association of Bengal (KAB) and has taken the game of karate in equality with Cricket and Football, in the state of West Bengal. Although he was a member of the Executive Committee of KIO as a Joint Secretary, but his expertise is much needed to enhance the standards of the Referee & Judges.

“Being a loyal soldier of Karate India Organisation (KIO), I will be very happy to serve wherever KIO needs me, only for the sake and betterment of the game of Karate Do in India.” – Hanshi Premjit Sen