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8th West Bengal Karate ALSOC Cup 2024: A Grand Success Under the Guidance of Hanshi Premjit Sen

8th West Bengal Karate ALSOC Cup 2024 was held on 14th January,2024 in St. Xavier’s Collegiate School, organized by the alumni societus of St. Xaviers school in collaboration with All India Seishinkai Shito Ryu Karate Do Federation, under the able guidance and leadership of Hanshi Premjit Sen, Chief Technical Director of AISSKF, Chairman of the Referee Commission, Karate India Organization and Referee and Judge, World Karate Federation, in the presence of respected principal, Rev Father Rev. Dr. M.Thamacin Arulappan, S.J. of St. Xavier’s Collegiate School.Over 1200 participants took part in this gala event from different districts of West Bengal and showcased their talent in the field of karate to bag accolades for their respective schools. It was not just a competition but a talent hunt as all those karatekas who performed exceptionally well will be given a chance to compete in various district and state championships.

Respected Principal declared the meet open after lighting the lamp along with Hanshi Premjit Sen. It was spectacular to watch children as small as 5 years old performing with speed and power and doing their best to reach at the top. The event was excellently planned and organized and went smoothly throughout the day. “I want more and more children to become independent and be safe. Everyone should be eligible to represent their country in the International arena and with hard work and dedication, it can be easily achieved. Already, a lot of International Champions have been produced by our Federation but that isn’t enough for me as I know that every child has the capability and they all can do well with proper training and guidance. Children are like buds and if nurtured well from childhood, they will bloom into excellent strong self sufficient leaders and make our nation and our Bengal proud”, said Hanshi Premjit Sen. Awarded with Times Bengal Icon 2023,Hanshi recently returned from his All Bengal State tour where he took a series of training camps in various districts of Bengal and shared his knowledge and experience with children all around the state.Moreover, last year had been a year of invitations and visits for him as due to his credibility, he was invited and thus travelled across the globe like , to share his knowledge with his fans and followers everywhere and to help in conducting world class events smoothly, Karate 1-Premier League Cairo,Egypt, Karate 1-Youth League Fujairah,UAE, Karate 1-Series A Konya, Turkey and Karate 1-Premier League Fukuoka,Japan, to name a few.