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Advance Karate Training Camp & Gradation Examination at Kalikapur | India Karate News | Sports247live

On 5th January 2020 at Jyotirmoy Public School, Tematha, Kalikapur there an one day Advance Karate Training Camp & Gradation Examination was held. Training camp conducted by world renwoned karateka Hanshi Premjit Sen who is 8th Dan Black belt – Japan, Refree & Judge – WKF, AKF, Treasurer – KAI, & President -KAB. Over 200 students participated from different reputed schools to enrich their skills through the camp. After completing the programme students were encouraged with the updated knowledge on this sports they very much enjoyed the new advance training from.

As per Hanshi Premjit Sen’s view students performance was realy very good on this day he hoped some genuine good players will come out in future who make our country proud. This camp was organised by Shihan Prakash Thapa who is 5th Dan Black belt, national coach, judge & Director of SSKDA. He told us ” we are grateful to Hanshi Premjit Sen for gracing us with his presence despite the busy schedule he managed to make some time out for us, today’s programme benefited a lot to the students as they came to know about the latest update and enlightened them with the new techniques so they could excel at performance. In the coming year we are very hopeful under guidance of Hanshi we can achieve our dreams & make impossible possible”. The enthusiasm of the parents was very encouraging.