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Global Seishinkai Shitoryu Karate-Do Federation Organised National Kumite seminar by world champion Mehdi Soltani | Karate News | Sports247live

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Global Seishinkai Shitoryu Karate-Do recently organized the “National Kumite seminar “for the karate players, to increase their knowledge to improve their skills. Around 200+ students were present from different parts of Kolkata in this seminar. The first time in the history of west Bengal something like this happen and that only because of the chief technical director of all India Seishinkai Shito-Ryu Karate-Do Federation Mr. Premjit Sen, he who made sure the students of Bengal’s can shine on above. Mr. Mehedi Soltani Kavanagh, 12 times Iran karate Champion, 3 times gold Medalist in Asian karate championship and world Medalist of karate were present to teach and help the students to improve their skills. The principal of south city international Mr. John Bagul was also present as a chief guest and support the future generations to achieve medals in all aspects and also praise Mr.Premjit Sen for his dedication towards the promotion and develop of Karate in India.