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Grappling Federation of India (GFI) reaffirmed by United World Wrestling (UWW) as India’s one and only Grappling governance body

Kolkata, 18th May 2021:

In an imporatnt decision taken on 29th April, the United World Wrestling (UWW) reaffirmed the Grappling Federation of India (GFI) as the sole body responsible for governance, organisation, and development of the sport of grappling in India.

GFI has been the sole official UWW Associated member since 2015. The decision for reaffirmation was made in view of a recent attempt made by the Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) to take grappling under its umbrella. To further the attempt, a separate entity called “All India Grappling Committee” was created and operated over a course of past few months.

This alleged committee was lead by some of the previously suspended members of GFI. They illegaly affilated newly formed committees under the aeges of Wrestling Federation of India, in separate Indian states and union territories without any authoritative paper documentations or sanctions from UWW, thus misguiding Grappling Athletes and Coaches all over the country creating major confusions and false allegations packed with false promises. They launched and executed a series of affiliations, grappling seminars and issuance of certificates and Licenses to untrained Coaches and Referees bearing unlawful use of UWW Logo. The names that have been coming up as Coaches and Referees seem to have no documentary evidence of any grappling experience before this sudden spree of high certifications.

“The developments were not at all received well by any of our members – be it affiliated or associated” – as mentioned by the UWW President.

Through their official letter dated 4 May, 2021 UWW took the correct decision by reaffirming GFI as the only body in India for running the discipline, taking into consideration the huge progress and popularity of the sport of Grappling in the country operating since 2005 having conducted 12 National Championships, different Professional Championships and inclusion of the sport in National School Games and All India University Games” said GFI CEO and former Secretary General Mr. Shiv Kumar Panchal.

Among other arguments, it was also clear that WFI did not want to take the said position back in 2015.

Henceforth, GFI will continue to be responsible for managing grappling across all grappling committees in the country as a regular and full associated member of UWW. So far as the state of West Bengal is concerned the only affiliated organization under Grappling Federation of India is “Bengal Grappling Association” with Mr. Partha Sarkar as Prsedient of the state body as well as the president of GFI National Working Committee and Ms. Supriya Samanta as the Secretary who is also currently the Joint Secretary of GFI.