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Hapkido Federation of India has organised 7th National Championship from 16-18th December 2022.

Hapkido Federation of India has organised it’s 7th National Championship which witnessed the participation of more than six hundred participants all across country from 16-18th December 2022.


Tournament was inaugurated by Mr.Swapan Banerjee Respected President Bengal Olympic Association along with Mr.Sanjay Das Chairman in council,Mrs.Keya Das councillor South Dum Dum Municipality,Mr.Deb Kumar Chatterjee Deputy Director Nehru Yuba Kendra Sanghathan Ministry of Youth affairs and Sports Government of India, Mr.Samrat Barua councillor Bidhanagar Municipality
Mr.Madan Kumar MD HANAH Sports and many other dignitaries.
Hapkido is a korean hybrid martial art containing, striking, joint locking, take downs ground fights and submissions.
There was referee seminar conducted by Mr. Vinod Vats Chairman & Mr. Jeet Bahadur Secretary Referee Commission of Hapkido Federation of India.
Technical seminar was conducted by Master Indranil Das & Master Tanmoy Dutta national coach, HFI.
The competition was based on self defence demo and sparring.
Master Premjit Sen, the President of Hapkido Federation of India, one of the mostly known person of Indian combat sport. As a world level coach, referee and official who has taken India in martial art to the next level. “HFI(Hapkido Federation of India) has its own moto i.e. only the betterment of the players and the sports and take India to a lead role in the world map” Sen said.
He also said that,
“Though HFI is a non profitable organisation, with a huge financial crisis, still, instead of focusing on it’s own profit HFI only focuses on the betterment of the players.”
Under the guidance of Master Premjit Sen, First time in India a federation conducted a national championship without charging money from the participates, apart from that fooding and lodging was also be sponsored by the federation for the players, coaches, referees and state delicates.
“Within last two years the huge development of Hapkido is just unbelievable, and beyond our imagination” said Bappaditya Nandi President of Hapkido Association of Bengal
The martial art sport community is hoping and waiting for more upcoming exciting news.