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Pythian Games seek the Greek government’s recognition as a sporting, Cultural event like Olympics

Mr. Dimitrious Ioannou, Greek Ambassador in India, assured Mr. Bijender Goel, Founder of Modern Pythian, of his full cooperation.

New Delhi, Oct 20, 2022  – Mr. Bijender Goel, founder Modern Pythian Games called upon Mr. Dimitrious Ioannou, Greek Ambassador in India and sought the support of Greek government. He requested the Mr. Dimitrious to urge the Greek government and convince them to come forward by recognizing Modern Pythian Games as a sporting event and cultural festival in the style of the Olympics.

Mr Goel briefed the Greek Ambassador that Modern Pythian Games are based on the ancient Greek Pythian Games. The undersigned conceptualized these games to give artists and players from all over the world a chance to show off their skills in music, theatre, visual arts, digital arts, language arts, architecture, martial arts, and traditional games.

The concept of “Modern Pythian Games” was presented to the world at the Delphi Economic Forum conference in Delphi, Greece on April 7, 2022. On September 24, 2022, representatives from 92 countries met virtually and approved the Charter of the International Pythian Council, which will be used to govern the Modern Pythian Games, and nominated the executive board of the International Pythian Council. Mr. Panos Kaltsis, former Mayor of Delphi, Greece and President of The Ecumenical Delphic Union, has been nominated as the founding President.

The sentiments of the artisans are being transformed into the world’s first cultural movement, which will usher in dramatic changes in the fields of the arts, culture, and traditional games. Putting together a creative sector worth 800 billion euros is a big step that will likely lead to new ways to bring countries together through cultural diplomacy, boost national economic growth, and create jobs through the Modern Pythian Games.

There are strong ties and shared cultural values between Greece and India. The Modern Pythian Games will serve as a unifying factor between the largest and oldest democracies in the world. The modern Pythian Games will not only help Delphi, Greece communicate its message of peace, but will also help Greece’s brand and culture be known around the world, as well as encourage investment and tourism.

Mr. Bijender Goel said the Pythian Games were to art and culture what the Olympics were to sports. Since 582 B.C., it has been part of the Pan Hellenic Games, along with the Olympics. Since 394 A.D., all Pan-Hellenic games have been discontinued. The Olympics Games were reintroduced in 1894.

Mr. Bijender Goel, the founder, who conceptualized the idea of Modern Pythian as Mr. Pierre de Coubertin, conceptualized such notion for Olympics,  said that,  Modern Pythian Games are a single global platform for the vibrant exchange of arts, culture, traditional, adventure, entertainment, games, e-sports, air sports, and martial arts. It is an initiative to organize the creative industry, worth 800 billion euros, into an organized sector.

He also informed that he proposed to hold 1st Pythian Games in 2027, Junior Pythian Games in 2025 and Para Pythian Games in 2024. The Pythian Games will take place every four years, and any national or state council should be allowed to bid to host them.

He also emphasized that Modern Pythian Games are very important for India because India owns the intellectual property rights to such historical and ancient games for the first time, and Indian government should promote and defend the Pythian Games in the same way that Switzerland has sponsored and protected the International Olympic Committee, and I am sure that expected magnitude of these games in the future, will be more than the Olympics games.