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The Fire in you has no age Bar – Sports247live

It’s indeed a proud moment for India as a 47-year-old woman, Bhavana Tokekar who is also the mother of two children has won 4 medals in the Powerlifting Championship held in Russia.
She has shattered all the stereotypes including that women become ” manly ” after lifting heavy weights and motherhood coming in the way of a woman’s career goals. She’s like an inspiration to the millions of girls who have that fire in them.

On 14 July the Indian Superwoman, Bhavana who is based in Maharashtra scored big in the Open Asian Powerlifting Championship organised by World Powerlifting Congress in Chelyabinsk, Russia. She took part in under 67.5 Masters 2 category ( 45 – 50 age group)and this was the first-ever competition she participated in.
In her online blog, she had mentioned that she had started working out back in 2011 to overcome the side effects of some medicines she was prescribed. She started with cycling and later moved to a gym set up by 2012.
Bhavana is married to a pilot from the Indian Air Force and it was the IAF bodybuilders who had motivated her to weightlifting. Bhavana wrote ” weight lifting has a multitude of benefits and does give you a fit body, healthy mind a positive attitude and most importantly confidence building.