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Premjit Sen organises the biggest E-Kata Championship

In this hard time of a pandemic and a lockdown physical fitness is a question mark to people .

Premjit Sen has already started the online classes to keep the students mentally engaged and physically fit. It enhances the physical endurance of an individual thereby playing an important role in boosting the immune system.
Karate also helps in developing the peace of mind , self confidence and self reliance which is very important for a child’s character development.

Sen told that people learn better when there are changes and motivation.

He has organised an All India Invitational E-Kata Championship where 1500 students from India and countries such as Iran , Qatar , Canada and UAE are participating.

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This global platform for the students has boosted them to a great extend . This platform would help the students to compare their performance with the international karate athletes and help them have a better insight in the their performance and their flaws .

The Championship is also providing a cash award of Rs 60000 .

It is for the first time under the banner of Premjit Sen , the public can vote for their favourite player in a special category.