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On 5th February at Guwahati, an emergency Executive Body Meeting was called KAI got disaffiliated from Indian Olympic Association because of the malicious intentions of Mr. Bharat Sharma.
The following illegalities were committed by Mr. Sharma-

  1. Indulging in the manipulation of the age of his son Mr. Pranay Sharma.
  2. Acts of Financial mismanagement of KAI.
  3. Running parallel entities namely Bharat Karate Academy, Sunshine Martial Arts Pvt. Ltd., and Seikokai Karate Association in the KAI office at No-B2/71, 2nd Floor, Janakpuri, New Delhi.
  4. Not abiding by the Guideline issued by the Govt. of India and the Indian Olympic Association.
  5. Issuing of Referee / Judge certificates without the knowledge of RC Chairman and RC Commission by misusing the digital signatures of the concerned authorities.
  6. Issuing Dan Diplomas without the knowledge of Technical Director by misusing their digital signatures.
  7. Issuing Style Approval without the knowledge of the President and Secretary of KAI by misusing their digital signatures.
  8. Issuing communications and acting suo motu in taking the decision of KAI without the consent of the President and General Secretary of KAI and EC.
  9. Not allowing and participating in the meeting called for on 27th December 2019 by IOA on the basis of the letter issued by WKF to IOC, considering the welfare of KAI towards which he has issued a communication misusing the name of the President KAI with the malicious intention which had spoiled the cordial relationship between KAI and IOA.
  10. Conducting Kumite Seminars by threatening all the other junior Style members and the State bodies after collecting huge sum of monies towards the same.
  11. Spoiling the growth of Karate in India without considering the welfare of Karatekas due to his personal agenda.
  12. Creating parallel State Karate Associations with personal friends in many States bypassing already existing State bodies in that State which goes against the ethics of sports management.
  13. Making hundreds of Style head karate coaches without proper exam and scrutiny and without taking any approval from the technical committee.
  14. Selling hundreds of different commission posts and logos of Association taking a huge amount of money.

The Executive Body of KAI with a full majority has decided to suspend Mr. Bharat Sharma from his existing post in the Karate Association of India due to the above mentioned corrupt activities committed by Mr. Sharma.
The letter of suspension has been sent to the World Karate Federation (WKF), Asian Karate Federation (AKF) and South Asian Karate Federation (SAKF) to take immediate action against Mr. Bharat Sharma.